Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So, let's call my PIC Terry from now on.

Terry brought up to me the other day that my other technician has been showing less and less interest in working in my pharmacy. I told Terry that it was true; and that since my tech has been skipping shifts back with us to work for my front store manager, that I was going to have a talk with her. Terry said maybe they should have a discussion, so Terry could try to iron out their differences, as they still do not work together when not absolutely necessary.

This opened up a great hole for me to stick in my 10 cents about how Terry has been behaving towards not just my tech, but myself. I felt like I got some of the things that needed said out of the way.

However, Terry proceeded to tell me my tech had been lying to our Pharmacy Supervisor. I got a little angry(angrier maybe?) inside, because I know exactly what Donna (my tech) said to the supervisor. I dialed the phone for Donna. I heard what Donna said to the supervisor, and I can vouch for the things Donna said happened, because I have witnessed them.

For the sake of working in a non-hostile environment, I have been trying to be nicer to Terry, since I did get a quasai-apology for some of the hot-button issues, but it doesn't seem like that's enough anymore.

This weekend almost completely ruined any of the new dentente we'd reached. I was off, but I came in to cover for someone yesterday who couldn't make their shift. It seems that this weekend, Terry managed to make all hell break loose, and Terry wasn't even there.

On Thursday, we got in a special order for someone. Instead of giving them the full quantity, Terry inexplicably shorted them close to half of the order. I asked the patient if they had received a holdover supply, since we'd had a few in stock. They said yes, and they could not tell me how many they got. I tried to call the patient's wife at home, and she was not there. The patient called me back when they got home and had me speak to their wife, who just had not answered the phone. They came back a short time later for the rest of the order, and the patient screamed at me, and told me they would be talking to my boss. Problem is, Terry is my boss, and is also the one responsible for the shorting. The patient blatantly lied to me and the pharmacist, claiming that we had not asked if they had received any. The pharmacist laughed at the patient, and said that she'd witnessed it, but the patient kept insisting he was right, and we were wrong, and he'd be talking to my supervisors. I finally told him to go ahead, because that supervisor is the one who was responsible for the shorting.

About an hour or so later, a patient came through the drive-thru, and asked for his son's prescription. Guess what! Terry had filled the narcotic script under the mothers' name. We took about 10 minutes to fix it.

A little while later, we started the CII monthly inventory. We didn't bother to stop and figure out why everything seemed to be off. We left about 8 flags in the book as to things we need to go back to and investigate why we are over/under on those.

These things did not happen before Terry came into our pharmacy. Terry is very knowledgeable, to the point of knowing very random tidbits off the top of their head. However, seemingly simple things, such as accuracy, get lost in the process of trying to live up to CorpoPharm's policy of getting the patient out as quickly as possible, even if they are not present at the time. It's very difficult to clean up Terry's messes, and we are thinking it is going to be time to have Terry dig themself out of their mistakes. It's getting a little ridiculous to keep explaining to people that they can still rely on us, but some things may take a little more time. There are people who absolutely refuse to come in under Terry's watch, and Terry is now blaming some of the errors being committed on some of our techs/interns. It's not fair, and it's going to have to stop.

So, that's life in this CPhT's pharmacy lately. Hopefully, I'll be able to post again soon. It's just been one thing after another, and I come home ready to curl up at the end of every shift. It put a strain on my life away from the pharmacy for awhile, but that is even slowly coming back. We will see what happens with Terry. We have all come to the point where we are going to let it go back to Terry.

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